The Appeal of Zeal

Letterman or Leno? That was the assignment handed out in my freshman year college English course. I was to debate which late-night talk show host was better against another student. We walked to the front of the class and exchanged oratorical parries and deflections. At the end of the carnage, my opponent said something to the effect of, “Hey man … Read More

No Glossing Over Indemnification Provisions

When was the last time you seriously reviewed an indemnification provision in a contract? We recently had clients who were leasing a commercial building. Among other language, the lease agreement’s indemnification provision provided that our clients would be responsible for any damage that would occur on the leased property, even if our clients were not responsible for causing the damage. … Read More

Selling your business? Read this first!

Sooner or later, every business owner will ultimately confront the question, “Should I sell my business?” Deciding to sell your business is often a difficult decision because of the profound emotional, personal, and financial impact. You invested a great deal of your time, energy, and resources to make it what it is today. However, succession is inevitable. Deciding to sell … Read More

How to Hold Effective Annual Meetings

A common and potentially costly mistake made by local business owners is not holding annual meetings. Annual meetings allow organizations to better protect themselves from liability and position themselves strategically among their competitors. Failing to hold annual meetings and following other corporate formalities might result in the loss of corporate/limited liability status, leaving owners and shareholders personally responsible for corporate … Read More

Protecting your trade

Tecmo Super Bowl is the best video game of all time. Admittedly, I do not consider myself a “gamer” or an otherwise great connoisseur of electronic games and gadgets. It was released in 1991 and was the first football video game to use complete NFL players and NFL teams simultaneously. It was the perfect Christmas gift for my football obsessed … Read More

Signing your freedom away

“Just sign here,” my 9-year-old daughter said to her two younger siblings. Her younger brother and sister did not think twice before signing. My 9 year-old was quite pleased with the deal she struck. She now had exclusive access to the optimally located desk while her younger brother and sister were relegated to sharing the older table in the corner … Read More

Using a business lawyer without gagging

Barf. My eight your old daughter hates everything about it. The smell, the sound, and the consistency cause her great discomfort. Just the thought of it causes her to tremble and brings tears to her eyes. Many feel the same way about lawyers as my daughter feels about barf. While I have never had anyone dry heave at the mere … Read More