Custody and Visitation During Order to Self-Isolate

In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Governor Little has entered Idaho’s Order to Self Isolate on March 25, 2020. I am receiving a high volume of calls regarding parents denying visitation due to COVID-19 and many parents are concerned that their visitation will be cut off. The following is intended to provide you with a clear picture of the new order … Read More

Adopting a Child in Idaho

I just finished reading a book about adoption fraud in Tennessee in the early 1900s and it sparked a curiosity in me about how adoption started in our state and what protections our laws afford to children, birth families, and adoptive families in Idaho. Through my research, I learned that adoption became a recognized legal practice in the United States … Read More

The Appeal of Zeal

Letterman or Leno? That was the assignment handed out in my freshman year college English course. I was to debate which late-night talk show host was better against another student. We walked to the front of the class and exchanged oratorical parries and deflections. At the end of the carnage, my opponent said something to the effect of, “Hey man … Read More

Indivisible Division

G.I. Joes are awesome. I spent countless hours growing up reveling in their awesomeness. Sure one can line them up and fight, but there are so many other possibilities for diversion with the small army action figures. My favorite was creating opposing football teams with them and then simulating the games complete with play-by-play by me (a fact that was … Read More

The negatives of unsupervised fun

“See those big barrels over at the top of the hill?” my friend asked me. He was referring to large wood reels used to hold cable wiring. We were 12 at the time and attending a birthday party with about 10 other 12-year-olds. I should have ignored the question and walked away. Instead I found myself at the top of … Read More