Appeals – Is the case ever really over?

The ball was in the air, less than 30 seconds to go, and it was fourth and 12. BYU quarterback Riley Nelson had thrown up a prayer to his favorite wide receiver Cody Hoffman. The game was over for all practical purposes. Hoffman caught the ball for a 47 yard completion good enough for first down at the Utah 34 … Read More

Collecting peach of mind

“Hello,” the man grumbled into the phone. “Mr. Samonsite?” “Yes?” “This is Lloyd Christmas from Vandelay Industries. Are you still living on First Avenue?” “Yes. Who is this?” “I’m calling regarding the $58.42 you owe for the Shake Weight Total Fitness Program.” “I don’t have the money right now.” “Where do you work?” “I don’t have to tell you that.” … Read More